Inclusion Body Myositis Daily Pain / PM

Inclusion Body Myositis / Polymyositis – 24/7 Pain for 2yrs

Polymyositis / Inclusion Body Myositis the journey begins & Now Widowed :(

RIP Louise 40 years together what will i do without you The journey begins. firstly never heard of Polymyositis, (IBM) I’ve  Been in chronic pain for months and months, … Continue reading

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101.Inclusion Body Myositis Daily

waited a few weeks to see if i have any change in my condition after having IV IG for the second time, as of now not a lot happened chronic … Continue reading

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100. Inclusion Body Myositis Daily

100. Inclusion Body Myositis Daily So about 10 weeks since i had IVIG and for the first few weeks nothing happened at all that i can remember, it might have … Continue reading

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99. Inclusion body myositis daily

IVIG its been around two months since i had IVIG and for weeks nothing happened but recently i’ve have had some pain relief in the day when trying to walk, … Continue reading

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98 Hospital Day 4 Ivig and more

Day four of ivig I have noticed this morning that the hair loss has come back suddenly again

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97 Hospital day 3 Ivig & more

Today’s juice to try and help myositis.

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96 Hospital Day 2 for IvIg & more

Arrived at Sheffield hallamshire hospital what a mare today was getting here. More ivig onward upward

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95 Hospital Day 1 for IvIg & more

first ivig was this then two more different ones after this

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