Inclusion Body Myositis Daily Pain Now Mitochondrial Disease

Inclusion Body Myositis / Mito Disease – 24/7 Pain for 6 yrs

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RIP Babe 40 years together what will i do without you  The journey begins. firstly never heard of myositis, (IBM) I’ve  Been in chronic pain for months and months, had … Continue reading

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115 YouTube IBM real deal

Profiles of strength Julie and Charlie the best example of inclusion body Myositis I’ve come across

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114 Bicep Shoulder at it

Bad day yesterday up all night with Right Bicep and right shoulder pain chronic pain crazy why this muscle group causing trouble not done any thing in the previous days … Continue reading

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113. Numb leg

Gp yesterday had a ongoing problem of not being able to feel my left leg from top of the Thigh down and more pain. Not a lot Gp can do … Continue reading

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112 IBM me and Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton and me this is a good video on how IBM Effects me and others 24/7 Peter Frampton ‘In a year’s time, I might not be able to play’: … Continue reading

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111 Thigh trouble

Past few weeks Ive struggled with my left leg, pain from top of my leg buttock right down to my calf and its becoming numb and I’m not able to … Continue reading

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110 -IBM Life Destroying

we’ll its been a long time this Inclusion Body Myositis its really taking hold of my life 24/7 it never stops with the pain if i use or move a … Continue reading

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109 it ‘s been Bad Mitochondria

Its been a long journey feeling so ill 24/7 now Chronic pain, fatigue, DOMS Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, many test looking for tumours. found a bowel polyp. that removed cant … Continue reading

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